15 Seconds of Fame

Time for a quick look around the entertainment industry…
It’s the Delta Institute’s 15 Seconds of Fame!

> Have you seen the trailer for Flightplan? It’s a Hitchcock/Shamalyan-type movie about a girl who goes missing on a uber-plane. But that’s not the only disturbing news the mom gets about her daughter… It looks like a good movie so far!
> Yes, it’s true… The “Halo” movie is being pitched right now. The script was delivered by a guy dressed up as a soldier from the video game. See? They already have the costumes. It’ll be cheap to produce!
> Questionable website name aside, this web site has a highlight reel of Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah a week or two ago. If you haven’t seen it, and still have a shred of respect for the man as a sane human, the video will probably change your mind.
> Conan O’Brian uses his crystal ball to see the future of television…
> The big-screen adaption of The Simpsons is *still* on track. A few details can be found here.
> Women, have you smuggled fish underneath your skirt?


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