Another Dead TV Show Returns

Egad, thanks to Family Guy, ANYTHING is possible nowdays. TV Guide is reporting that The Electric Company is to be resurrected after a 30-year absence from television. Described as a “landmark literacy program”, the imaginative folks at Sesame Street hope to launch it by fall of ’07.

From the article: “Karen Gruenberg, the Workshop’s executive vice president for content, promises a series that will call upon “today’s artists and the best in pop culture” to lure at-risk kids to the screen. Just as the original series featured Bill Cosby and bits of sketch comedy, Gruenberg says humor will be an essential part of the new series. “If we don’t [have humor], we will have completely missed the mark,” she says.”

The old show brought us Morgan Freeman and David Letterman (apparently. Kinda before my time). Nowdays, we’d have Dave Chappelle and Eminem. Though if she cleaned up her language, imagine Wanda Sykes trying to get simple concepts of old literature through to kiddies. That’s be intentionally funny. What would be un-intentionally funny? Pop-tarts, like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, teaching young children.

Thanks, Family Guy. For starting a stupid trend. As much as I loved the radio show, if they announce a remake (or re-imagining) of Fibber McGee & Molly, I might just toss my computer out the window.


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