The Blogging Revolution

There has been much ado over the rise in blogs over the past years. Some say that bloggers are more powerful than any other media vehicle in existance. Some say that most are irresponsible, and should be shut down.

Both sides put too much thought into this subject, me thinks.

Let’s tackle the “irresponsible” argument first. Some people claim that weblogs, especially those that specialize in news and politics, don’t wait to get the facts straight, and then make a mountian out of a molehill out of a rumor. People who claim this are usually from the so-called “big media”, which tends to do the same thing anyway. Plus, how WOULD you govern blogs? Who would set the standards? Would news blogs be required to have sources – and triple check them – in order to post?

Now it’s time for the equally rideculous “salvation” theory. While some arguments made hold some water, the simple fact is that people have been publishing their thoughts and feelings for some time now. Books, magazines, letters to the editor… Lots of people will post on internet message boards or chatrooms, and talk about news that way. A blog isn’t a revolutionary concept. Perhaps what is revolutionary is that blog services, such as Blogspot(tm), offer the website for free. No monthy or annual fee. Just click, and you have a website at your disposal.

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs. Most read by a small group of people. So when one post a news item, somebody might see it immediately. Some might see it a couple days later. Just like news organizations on the web… Where the bloggers probably got the info from.

The left gets really ticked off at bloggers. Whatever, dudes. They’re just continuing the watercooler chat online. Not in the office, not in the newspaper, but on their own website. If they post something false, it’ll be proven to be false. If they make a mountian out of a molehill before confirming the story, well, people will know that they jump to conclusions. It’ll show the author’s character and willingness to tear others down. You can just tell yourself “now I know”.

I don’t see blogs as a threat to traditional media… It seems well intact, and since they’re incorporating blogs into their services, I’d say that the 2 can co-exist pretty well. I also don’t see them as being greater than sliced bread. It’s someone giving an opion, posting weblinks, telling what he/she heard on the radio, ect.. Perhaps the vehicle is revolutionary, but the concept sure isn’t.

This blog is my musings, newslinks, and opinions. I will not pretend that I am the greatest threat to any liberals out there, nor will I pretend that I, single-handedly, can take down that old nasty “old media” empire.

That is my promise to you. No uber-inflated ego here. Only super-inflated. 😉


One Response to “The Blogging Revolution”

  1. Mark Says:

    The mainstream media can call for checks all they want, they don’t do it very well themselves. Your average media source, regardless of medium, is riddled with errors and dumbed-down views.

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