HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Update

It’s been called the greatest technological industry matchup since VHS vs. Betamax… HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are competing among industries to be “the next big thing”, as a successor to DVD’s. They’re still round disk, like DVD’s, but can hold loads more. Like, one disc can hold as much as a computer. (not a very high-priced computer, but a PC none the less).

Today, Tosibha (HD-DVD maker) announced that they have found a way to easily mass-produce HD-DVDR’s. They’re a 1-time only thing (currently), and can hold up to 15 gigabytes.

These new disc can hold alot more, and offer MUCH sharper picture. Which, seeing the VHS-to-DVD comparisons, may be unbelievable for some, but I’m sure there ARE subtle little differences to be seen. Toshiba claims this is VERY manufacturer friendly, that only minor changes will be needed to produce. HD-DVD recorders are coming soon.

Sony is backing the Blu-Ray disc. B-R can hold 50 BG tops, compared to 45 GB for HD-DVD. Tosibha claims that their format is cheaper, because production is similar.

To be “fair and balanced”, I’ll try to post a Blu-Ray-centric entry within the coming weeks.


4 Responses to “HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Update”

  1. Mark Says:

    In order for either format to become popular, there first has to be an incentive for people to upgrade. Blue-Ray players are backwards-compatibale with DVD, while HD-DVD players require some tweaking. Either way, consumers would have to be persuaded to buy new players, which may be a stretch seeing as the DVD has only recently driven off the prior format. I’m guessing that one or the other, (or perhaps the oft-rumored hybrid) will become popular with geeks and film buffs, but I have my doubts about them going mainstream anytime soon.

  2. eChuckler Says:

    Oh, I doubt they’ll be mainstream anytime soon. DVD’s were announced in the early 90’s, but it wasn’t till years later that they even began to show up in stores, even as storage solutions.

  3. James w. Lanning Says:

    don’t forget to talk about what all the fuss is about and how cool it is. blue lasers, man!

  4. Mark Says:

    Blue Laser? I just hate him so much!
    Cheat Commandos, rock rock on!

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