Drudge has alot of “developings” happening right now…

Iraqis Pack Hall To Hear National Symphony Orchestra... Developing...

FRANK RICH: The great Watergate coverup of 2005... Developing...

Israeli doctors, scientists have succeeded in germinating date seed nearly 2,000 years old... Developing...

Government actuaries predict American life spans will keep growing.... Developing...

The Frank Rich story I can see being a “developing” story. But the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra? The story’s going to tell you that Iraq’s packed the hall. The story predicting life spans will keep growing? Yeah, it’ll tell you that, in about 2,000 more words.

And the 2,000-year old date seed? I’m looking foward to that “developing”, if anything, to learn WHY? I know science is very big in Israel, but why spend soo much time and effort on a date seed? I hope dates get better with age, for their sake. ‘Cause it’s old, and just plain WEIRD.


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