Update on Big Screen Halo

First off, I saw something that said the script for the big-screen adaption of the Halo videogame franchise is bad. It should be taken as rumor. But it’s also a big-screen adaption of a videogame franchise. Chances are, the script IS bad. But I’ll hold on final judgement until, oh, I don’t know, details are released about the movie!

What we do know is this: Paramount, DreamWorks SKG, Sony, and Warner Bros. all passed on the project IMMEDIATELY. Microsoft wanted all merchendising rights, a budget of AT LEAST $75 million, and the rights to fly company reps to LA to watch rough cuts of the film throughout postproduction.

Universal and Fox are the only studios who don’t mind being bullied, and apparently might even be prepared to team up for the project. And Microsoft is now reportedly lowering their demands, to be a bit more friendly to the studios. Possible release date: 2007.

Expect a video-game adaption of the movie, based on the video-game.


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