What Tornado Siren?

I came home from work late Friday night, and was greeted by a younger sister, who was extremely energetic for 11:30 at night. She asked me, almost immediately, “what did you do when the sirens went off?”, to which I quickly replied “What sirens?”.

After confirming that I wasn’t joking, that I had no knowledge of sirens going off during the course of the night, Ace informed me that a funnel cloud had been spotted, and that the sirens in Grandville went off. While I was cooking. You know, if the sirens go off, why did people continue to come in to eat? Do people think, “oh, well, if a tornado’s going to destroy our house, we minus well eat a good meal at Russ'”?

Being apparently a little cheap, WOOD TV8 has posted screen caps of their live coverage, showing pictures of the funnel cloud, instead of the PHOTOS THEMSELVES. Do they really hate their web division so much they can’t get the photos on? But I digress.

So a tornado could have touched down, swept around town, and I would have been cooking food for the hungry masses, all oblivious to what’s going on. Or, at least, I would hope the customers would’ve been obvlious. Otherwise? Slim Gem’s just ain’t worth it, folks.


2 Responses to “What Tornado Siren?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Y’know, I heard talk about tornados but never heard that the siren went off. It’s amazing what conditions people will go out in.

  2. RaptorNine Says:

    Maybe your cooking is so good they wanted to make sure they got to eat it one last time before they got swept away to the land of Oz? 🙂

    Seriously though, that’s crazy. Eating would be the last thing on my mind if warning sirens were going off.

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