Greg Kelly

Inside Cable News wonders… Is Greg Kelly being groomed? Apparently on Saturday, Page Hopkins and Bob Sellers lost an hour so Greg Kelly could do one hour solo. And on Sunday, Laurie Dhue (of all people!) lost her second hour to Greg Kelly.

Now, I’ve speculated on Rita Cosby’s replacement for a while now, and have speculated on just about everyone. But I hadn’t thought about Greg Kelly. He’s subbed for the DC anchor’s before, but I’m not sure he’s done FNLive before. It could very well be grooming.

Here’s an even wilder thought… What if Greg Kelly and Gretchen Carlson co-host a program? What format would it be? News, politics, international, legal, entertainment, sensational… What studio would it originate from, ect., ect..

Weekend Nights w/Greg & Gretchen… Maybe do it in Linda Vester/Neil Cavuto’s studio… You can’t do the FOX & Friends/O’Reilly studio, ’cause Geraldo comes on after, and he’s in that studio.

I’ll have to think about this for a while.


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