Michael Jackson – Too LITTLE coverage?

Woot! Time for The Delta Institute to start casting recurring websites to critic. The folks over at the (fellow Blogspot) blog What’s Happening at CNN seem overcome with glee at the fact that FNC started repeats at 11 pm ET last night, on schedule, while the other cablers stayed on later with Jackson coverage.

My pondery to those folks is this… What was to be gained by an extra hour? The news broke a little after 5. All that would have been talked about would be the same things discussed in the earlier programs. You could have watched CNN live with Anderson Cooper, or watched a repeat of O’Reilly, and gotten the same information out of it.

If ratings go public, maybe we’ll see that repeats were a bad route for FNC. It’s entirely possible. But considering people screamed for months to tone the coverage down, isn’t it funny how some now are screaming at those who didn’t stay with the coverage (live) for an extra hour?

But a quick glance at the blog, and it’s clear that they’re just out to mock “Faux News”. If CNN went to repeats, and FNC was live, they’d probably criticize FNC for that too.


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