In doom-and-gloom news

Following the huge success of their 10.5 television miniseries, NBC has begun filming a sequal entitled “10.5: Apocalypse”. For those of you wondering, the 10.5 in the title refers to a massive earthquake that literally tore California off from America. (a prayer answered?)

Since the “watch California get destroyed!” event got huge ratings for the peacock network, a sequal was, sadly, inevitable. The plot for this one? Earthquakes CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. And they threaten American soil. Can the heroes of the disaster TV flick save America (again)? Probably, yeah, but not until America gets split up evenly. Either the earthquake will evenly cut along state lines, or by time zones.

Dean Cain of Superman fame, Carlos Bernard of 24 acclaim, and a whole bunch of other TV reckognizables are threatening ever getting hired again by placing this on their resume. Sure, fictional doom, gloom, and natural distruction is fun to watch. But with California out of the picture, what insentive is there?

Plus, it was ONLY fun to watch for the destruction scenes. The script? Filler, ’till they could get to more destruction. And the acting? Come on… It was a destroy-all-things TV movie.

*sigh* Earthquakes just don’t act like aliens. Unless, to be more “Lost-like”, they make the earthquakes a weapon of some group, organization, or other species… Huh… Suddenly, this series has potential after all!


2 Responses to “In doom-and-gloom news”

  1. Erika Says:

    FIRST COMMENT!! LOL, LOTS of potential!! I’d 4sure recommend watching that kinna stuff!! or else just sit…and don’t watch it i guess.

  2. Mark Says:

    Dean Cain is lucky to get a job, period. B-actors have no shame.

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