Another TV-to-Movie Adaption?

There’s talk of bringing another popular television show to the big screen. Which is kinda funny, ’cause this show sort of helped usher in “smarter” programs, which is one reason analyst feel that the box office has been slumping as of late.

The show is called 24, and it runs on the FOX network. Every season has 24 episodes, each spanning the timeframe of a single hour, thus creating the illusion of watching a day in government agents lives in “real time”.

The movie may not be out for a while, and it’s not clear if they’ll use the real time format. One idea is to have it move like, EVERYTHING ELSE, but then later on, when something big happens (read: climax), then it switches over to real-time. Story details are currently non-existant.


2 Responses to “Another TV-to-Movie Adaption?”

  1. Mark Says:

    “Story details are currently non-existant”

    Wow, just like watching season 4.

  2. eChuckler Says:

    They had a story! Guy, I can’t believe you didn’t pay attention. You see, the villian, Habib Marwan, was a MASTERMIND.

    The kidnapping of the Secretary of Defense was so there would be a spike in internet traffic, so they could gain control of nuclear warheads, so they could melt America, but that didn’t work, so they had filler episodes, which resulted in a homicide bomber, and stealing a stealth jet, shooting down Air Force One, but they didn’t care about the Prez’, they wanted the nuclear football. They stole a warhead, launched it, but it was headed for LA, where 24 is located, so it got shot down before it could explode.

    And people act like this show has problems… *shakes head*

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