Class Activity

Woot! Amici Forever now has the tracks from their new CD up for listening on their website. If you click on over, then click on “music” on the linkbar, there’s one song that you have to listen to… It’s Land and Freedom (Terra e Liberta).

I haven’t listened to it all, ’cause I don’t want to spoil it all when I buy the CD. (Defined comes out next Tuesday, June the 21st. Appearances on the Today show, The View, and FOX & Friends Saturday will ensue). Nella Fantasia is also another wonderful track.

Not that I really doubted them, but it’s nice that Amici Forever turned out another great album! ^_^


One Response to “Class Activity”

  1. Janna Says:

    Yay! They’re doing Nella Fantasia? I have that song on my Russell Watson CD. I can’t wait to hear what Amici Forever does with it.

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