Cell phones

Do I look like a cell-phone user? Do I look like a potential cellular telephone consumer? Now, if all goes to plan, and I get a job as a photojournalist, I’ll probably need a cell phone or two, a pager, a blackberry… all that jazz. But I don’t need a cell phone NOW!

While at the new, friendly neighborhood Costco (very nice BTW), a cellular telephone saleswoman tried to convince me to sign up for a package or two. She had a associate who, though not necessary to the story at all, was notably taller than her. He didn’t really say anything, and though I was trying to be polite and look at the saleswoman, quick glances observed that he realized that the push wasn’t going to work.

After about 10 minutes, she pretty much gave up, handed out brochures and other information, and went on to the next helpless victim. (she was friendly, though. And a VERY saleswoman. She held command, while being engaging and friendly. All qualities you want in an ambassador!)

Then there was a brief moment at Meijer, where someone at the cell phone store there informed me of a “grand opening” sale or something. Maybe a different store took over, but I know there’s been a cell phone place there for a while. Dunno. Anyways, he pointed out that you’d get a free gift card and a free MP3 player if you sign up for our cellular phone plan. That’s actually how I heard it. Free stuff? GIMME!!! Forget the details, gimme free goods!

I resisted the power of the cell phone. I shall not have big, bulging eyes and gurgling “my precious” while fawning over my new cell phone. Which, by now, most models include the internet, a camera, a TV, AM/FM radio, a razor, scissors, a snow brush, and a portable gas grill. Oh, and they can make phone calls too.

EDIT: Apologies for goofy font sizes. Technology, folks. It tends to be anti-cooperation.


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  1. Mark Says:

    That’s what you get for using the WYSIWYG editor. Gotta go with straight HTML. I’ll show you the ways one of these days.

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