Tsunami Update

From the AP: The Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami caused at least 176,727 deaths. An additional 49,616 are listed as missing, with most presumed dead.

Toll by country:

_Indonesia: 128,803 dead; 37,066 missing.

_Sri Lanka: 31,229 dead; 4,093 missing.

_India: 10,749 dead; 5,640 missing.

_Thailand: 5,395 dead; 2,817 missing.

_Somalia: 298 dead.

_Myanmar: 90 dead.

_Maldives: 82 dead.

_Malaysia: 68 dead.

_Tanzania: 10 dead.

_Bangladesh: 2 dead.

_Kenya: 1 dead.


Note: Sri Lanka’s death toll is in dispute. One government agency’s higher figure, 38,916 deaths, would raise the overall total to 184,414.


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