’s Plans is gearing up for new additions in the future. Job listings for people to work for a Science/Technology section of the website are up. Multiple listings are up for people to work on uploading video/radio content to the web. And of course, there’s the great iMag experiment, still to come. is the runt in the cable news-online race, with MSNBC leading the race. CNN is trying to catch up, and has recently had it’s streaming video avaliable for free for the first time. However… Later on in the year, there will be a new subscription service with more feeds, and rumor has it that there could be webshows, or even a network(webwork?), a la ABC News Now.

FNC continues to add more and more video segments to it’s site. Already it’s pretty much where if you saw one story on FNC during the day, it’s there on the site. All commentaries are streamed, and most regular segments are up. (such as Mancow and Skinnerville) And for FOX Fan Central, exclusive video created just for the site are put up. Not to mention, for the big events -the very rare, 1st-page-is-just-a-big-headline events, FNC streams a video/audio feed live.

But with a future business network being a real possibility, and then adding in FOX News Radio adding more programs, the need for more virtual content will be a necessity. And they have to try to steal eyes away from MSNBC – a very tough task indeed!

(sidenote – FNC was reported to be in talks to become another news provider to Yahoo! News, which is pretty much the most popular news site in the country. Some months, it IS the top news site!)


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