The Exodus to Sadistville, Part II

Previously: We got up early, and left in 2 vans for Cedar Point. I forgot to pack something, then ate a breakfast sandwhich. Then, we saw a rollar coaster, but did it belong to Cedar Point, our destination?


We had seen one of the taller ride off on the horizon for about a minute, only for it to dissapear. It would be a while longer before we came near the park, much to our amazement. It looked so close then, but it proved to be quite a ways away. It was tragic, shocking, and befuddling, all in one teeny, tiny capsule of emotion. Also note that when I saw a tall roller coaster then, I thought “cool!”. Remember that, we’ll have a test later on.

Around 11 am, we arrived at Cedar Point. Everybody in the group applied sunscreen, and got ready to enter the park. Most of the group went off on their own path, but John, Janna, “Jenn”, “Kaylene”, and myself went for a ride that look pretty safe to us Jurries, the “Demon Drop“. After all, it didn’t look that tall. Just a few stories high. As it turns out, it’s a 10 story drop, plummeting at 55 mph.

For the first ride, it was, uh… tense. You get shot up to the top in virtually no time at all, then you just stay there. John figured out while in line that when you hear a certian click, you have about 3 seconds until it drops. Well, guess what? I was still waiting for the click when it dropped! Not being the most observant listener meant a couple seconds of sheer, unabashed terror. First, heights are not exactly my thing. I looked off on the horizon, and I saw alot. And then suddenly rushing down 10 stories in about 2, 3 seconds, to land on your back, wasn’t exactly relaxing. (perhaps over-thinkers aren’t meant for thrill rides!)

Jenn and Kaylene were a bit amused at us first-time amusement park riders. Their faces pretty much read “guys, get used to sheer terror, we’re here all day”. Or maybe they actually said that. I dont’ remember.

Next, we went to what they described as a pretty safe beginners roller coaster, the “Iron Dragon“. It was fairly tame, looking at some of the other roller coasters. You can actually view a video of the ride on the linked site, so you can be your own judge, in the comfort of your own home, safe, without the sensation of your body being thrust all around, turned on it’s side, with the wind rushing against you, with the death screams coming from everyone, while you’re just focused on making it out ALIVE.

We all went on that, and it was hunky-dory. We actually survived, dispite what may or may not have been said on the ride. But I digress. After that, Janna, “Jenn”, and myself went on the Matterhorn, where I realized that the ride wasn’t really designed for those OVER 6 feet. I was in a “pod” by myself, kinda on my side, holding the non-locking safety bar as close to me as I possibly could.

The Matterhorn started, and what should have been a nice, simple innocent ride turned into a minute of me trying my best not to fly out and go splat against the machine. Again, the bar didn’t lock, and you were almost on your side at points. I’ve done the ride before elsewhere, with a locking bar, and it was fun, fast, and furious. And then you also went backwards. THAT was fun. But being on your side, uncomfortable, and trying to make sure the day didn’t end early? Not fun. John took a picture or two of me on that ride, and says that it looks like I’m terrified. Yeah, of going ker-splat! But really, I was doing more concetrating than worrying. There, it was not a “will I get through?”, as it was a “OK, let’s make sure I get through”-type of deal.

Crud. I just read the Millennium Force is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Just when I thought it might have been fun, I’ll now be comparing it to that forever. Oh, and taller than the U.S. Capitol building as well! And then you drop 80* degrees, and the ride goes at about 95 mph. I am sooo glad I didn’t read all the facts before visiting the park! Not that I went on the ride anyways, but with that info in mind, there is no way I’ll go on that!

Anyways, back on subject. After realizing that I’m kinda tall on the Matterhorn, it was time to go on another ride. One that would be more challenging. And for this ride, I didn’t have to sit down on a weird angle! “Kaylene” and I went on The Mantis. For this one, it is required that you watch the video.

As the ride was starting to move, “Kaylene” wisely suggested to me that I not look directly ahead, and that I do my best to keep my head back against the headrest. This was terrific advise. I tried looking straight ahead once while they were pulling us out, and again, that whole height’s thing? Yeah, looking more downwards was better.

The ride started, and I have never been seen since. Oh, wait, I have been. And I lived to tell the story. But that will have to wait ’till I can type up the next update. And I promise you, you will not believe what you will see when I reveal what I forgot to bring!


8 Responses to “The Exodus to Sadistville, Part II”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Due to the lack of photos Charley, one can only assume you forgot your third eye… the camera!


  2. Erika Says:

    I still wanna know whatcha 4got to bring!! ahhh, the suspense is just killing me!!

  3. Erika Says:

    WAIIIIIIT, Marion just gave me a clue…was it your CAMERA??

  4. Erika Says:

    Oh wait, I just looked back at the first update and discovered that u said u’d packed ur camera, so that can’t be it!!

  5. eChuckler Says:

    Photo’s will be coming soon, M.
    My third eye was not forgotten… 🙂

  6. Deep Throat Says:

    Fellow Bloggers,
    In a brief moment of insanity, eChuckler revealed the mystery of the forgotten object to me, thinking he could trust me with this highly classified information. He was wrong, and I am now offering you, his faithful readers, a rare chance to learn the truth before he reveals all. Being the mercenary I am, I will sell this information to the highest bidder. Depending on how generous I’m feeling, I might just throw some highly damaging material that could prove crucial in any attempt to overthrow his blog, a trend that seems all to common now days.

    Deep Throat

  7. Janna Says:

    But you know, that Demon Drop ride was fun! 10 stories in 2.5 seconds! I lifted off the seat and I’m pretty sure that shoulder harness didn’t lock, giving the feeling of freefall an even greater thrill. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. You can take that Mantis ride anyday though… that thing is evil looking.

  8. Mark Says:

    Deep Throat… I know who you are, and I demand $20 or I shall reveal your name to all.

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