The Exodus to Sadistville, Part III

Previously, in Parts I and II, I went to Cedar Point with some family and friends, and more strangers. I forgot to pack something (read part I to read what I did pack), and then I rode a few rides. When we last left, the Mantis was just about to start…

AAAAAAHHH! Ker-splat. Or maybe it wasn’t quite like that. This ride has a bunch of loops, as you can see below.

As “Kaylene” put it in line, it was only 40 seconds of sheer terror. But the sheer terror that it was! I had to do my best to keep my head back. It was no easy task. At points it felt like my head was almost being pulled out, away from the headrest. Come to think of it, I was probably upside-down during those moments. Huh.

Another odd sensation that I don’t recall ever feeling before in my life was cheek flapping. You know how in movies and such, when somebody is moving really fast, their cheeks go all rubber-pencil like, and move everywhere in a comical fashion? Yeah, my cheeks were beginning to do that. I could feel it, and I had no control over it, dispite my best attempts. It was crazy.

Now, I knew that, not counting the time it took to ascend, the actual ride took about 42 seconds. I watched it go countless times. I knew what would be the most stressful part of the ride, I knew the halfway point, everything. Or, I thought I did. Never over-analyze a roller coaster, it will always confuddle you. Also? It felt about twice as fast while ON the ride. In retrospect, it was REALLY fun. And I kinda enjoyed it while it was going. But mostly, I was making sure I would survive the ride. Yes, I’m paranoid.

After the ride, I had to remember how to walk. I imagine the shaky feeling I got was a taste of what it be like to be both seasick and drunk. It lasted just a little bit, but I have no desire to be seasick nor drunk ever again. For around $9, you could get a picture of yourself looking completely petrified on the ride. I decided to keep my monies for another day.

We had been told by Janna, John, and Jenn that we were supposed to wait for the rest of the group, who said they’d meet back up with the rest of us at the exit for this ride. So we waited a long time. And when you’re just sitting in one place, when the sun is almost overhead, it gets really hot, and really bright. There’s a clue for ‘ya.

Eventually, we met up with the rest of the group. We all trekked over towards the Millennium Force, where mostly everybody hopped in line. Janna and I decided not to go on it, while we *thought* that John and Jenn were going to get on. Janna’s eye was bugging her, so we told them that we’d be looking around for something that could help, like medicine, drops, anything.

We discovered the “Pioneer Village” (actually called Frontier Town, but Pioneer Village sounds so much better, so we’ll call it that), and wandered around for a long time, trying to find some place with medicine, or drops, or something. Eventually, Janna said her eye was getting better, and we decided to go back to the Millennium Force, to see if we could see any of our group in line.

Well, we saw Kaylene, and we quickly shouted out a few things. We couldn’t see Jenn or John, so we shouted out to Kaylene, “are John and Jenn with you?!”, to which she replied “no!”. Apparently, when we thought they were getting in line, a little bit after we left for the pioneer vilage, they got out, or never were in line, or something. Anyways, right at that moment, we saw them, and we told them about our miscommunication, and had found out that John and Jenn had been walking around the park looking for us.

Sometime between these past couple paragraphs, Janna and I had sat on some benches for a while, just relaxing. We were in the sun, and it was kinda bright. There was a older couple sitting on a bench in the shade, and I told Janna that as soon as they got up, we were moving over to that bench. I didn’t like being in the sun like that, it was really bright, and uncomfortable. Especially considering I had forgotten… my sunglasses.

(look back at the references I made to what I had forgotten in the comments… I used the words “eyes” and “sight”, plus I dropped one or two other vague hints along the way.)

Re-united, we went off into Pioneer Village to explore, and to look for some place to eat. We found a place that sold burgers, and we stood in line for a bloody long time. Which was funny, ’cause there were only a couple people in front of us. That should have been the first clue! I ordered a cheeseburger basket. About 10 minutes later, I finally got it. 10 minutes for a semi-warm 1/3 lb. patty. 1/3 lb. patties to NOT take 10 minutes to cook up. And they should still be warm when served!

My burger also didn’t have cheese, but I looked at the line, and decided it wasn’t worth waiting 40 minutes just for a slice of cheese. Gggrr! And the kid working the register we were at had this real sqeaky voice. After a long time of just staring at him, waiting for our food, he tried to engage in small talk.

“Where are you from?” he asked. “Michigan,” I said. I’m so used to saying “Grandville” when asked that question that having to answer with the name of the state sounded so odd! “Ah, so are you a big Wolverines fan?” the burger kid pressed. “I dunno, I’m not really into sports at all.” “Oh.” Thus ended the small talk. If we weren’t sports fans, he didn’t have anything to say to us, I guess.

Part 4 will be posted sometime late Thursday night/Friday afternoon, and will conclude the sega. Part 5 will be photo’s, and then the Exodus to Sadistville will be at an end. Now raise your hands… For those who weren’t told the answer to the mystery, who was suprised?


3 Responses to “The Exodus to Sadistville, Part III”

  1. Erika Says:

    I figgered it out RIGHT b4 u told the forgotten item!! weehoo for me…took me long enuff, hmm? I can’t w8 2 hear the rest of the saga!!

  2. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    I was. I use the terms “eyes” and “sight” on a regular basis! humph.

  3. eChuckler Says:

    Sometimes, it’s the most obvious that confuddles us…

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