The Exodus to Sadistville, Part V (Finale)

Well, it is time to say good-bye to the bloated Exodus to Sadistville. If I can turn a day trip into a week-long essay, imagine what I’ll be able to do when I go away for a couple days! Here now are images taken with my “third eye”.

Here’s the gate, right outside of Cedar Point. It says “Voted Best Park on the Planet 7 YRS (years) in a row”. It doesn’t say by whom.

Here is the Demon Drop. Thankfully, you don’t have to climb those steps. That’d be cruel! Almost like having to walk the plank. Ugh!

Here I am on the Matterhorn. I loaned John my camera and vest while I went on this ride. I look very calm and collected, no?

Here’s the Mean Streak. I didn’t go on it, but it’s VERY big, and all wood. I watched the video of the ride on the website, and it doesn’t seem that bad… But there too, you need to actually experiance the rushing sensation, and the constant clanking of the wood. That is one big wooden structure. In case of fire, I hope they have EXCELLENT insurance!

Hey, before you guys complain, I posted that semi-embarrasing picture
of myself earlier….

Cedar Point Security doesn’t mess around.

Ahh….. Refreshing!

Again, Cedar Point Security is rough, and they were
especially rough to the Jurries clan.

This is PART of the Millennium Force.
It’s really, really tall. And fast. But mainly,
REALLY tall. And you go almost straight down.
For serious thrill seekers only!

Here you can see the flying gondola’s that go
along the parkway. Even just walking the
parkway was fun, watching all the people,
seeing all the different shops…

These were taken from the observation tower. You can kinda see the bug spots…

These are a few pictures of the Ferris, er, Giant Wheel.

Here I am on the beach.
Yeah, like I’d take a picture of my face!

Lake Erie looks alot like Lake Michigan…

Here’s a close-up of a very unusual
water fountian. It’s circular, and it kinda
looks like one of those dandellions with
all the seeds. Maybe that’s the point.

There’s ALOT more on my computer (250+ pictures taken), but in the interest of keeping things kinda short n’ sweet, I’ll end it here. I hope you enjoyed reading about The Exodus to Sadistville. I had fun going! And I hope you enjoyed the pictures. After the MAILBAG, regular blogging is scheduled to resume.

That means news, entertainment notes, occasional business blurbs, and personal observations. There is no rhyme, no reason… Sometimes, it’s the most fun that way!


3 Responses to “The Exodus to Sadistville, Part V (Finale)”

  1. Janna Says:

    I object! Take that picture of me down this instant! Why I even let you take it is a complete mystery! I don’t care if you posted semi-embarrassing pictures of yourself – take it down!

  2. Erika Says:

    We’re all very sad to see the exodus story end!! It was very enlightening, and now if I ever go to Cedar point I’ll know zactly what to expect:-) Can’t w8 4 the mailbag n stuff!

  3. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    I think its cute….bwahahahahaha

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