Missing -0 temps?

Remember the times this past winter when it got down to 0 overnight, where the wind chill’s were in the negative teens? When the high was about 10, and there were, like, 30 mph winds, with a bunch of snow flying everywhere?

Yeah, I remember that… It was COLD. But that was just one side of the coin. This past week, we’ve been getting the flipside. Right now, WeatherBug has it at 93*, with a heat index of 99. And it can still climb a couple degrees higher today.

It *was* in the mid-to-high 70’s this morning. Gggrr!

UPDATE: In the time it took to type up this post, the heat index went up to 101. Stupid Michigan weather…


3 Responses to “Missing -0 temps?”

  1. RaptorNine Says:

    It’s 85 degrees here in Southeastern MA now, feels like 88. It got up into the 90s earlier today and yesterday. After the winter we had I don’t mind it so much!

  2. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Why do you foolios have a problem with it? I think its marvelous, and I don’t have AC. Why can’t michiganders adjust to the temp without spasing out? I just don’t understand anymore!!!

    On second thought, I Never Did!!!!!
    (playing of pink floyd’s “brain damage”)

  3. eChuckler Says:

    Good news! Today, the temp is 93, and it’s not yet 1 pm. *sigh*

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