The, um, “newly restored” mailbag Q

Where did you get the name The Delta Institute from?
– Anonymous

Director: It dates back to September 11, 2001, actually. At night, I thought I should start writing down all the different notes and information that was flying past on-screen. I took notes of what was happening, what they thought was happening then, on-scene, ect.. Then I typed it up on the computer. I did that for a couple days, with all 9/11-related news.

Being very title-orientated (I come up with a name for a mix CD before choosing the tracks), I needed a title that would fit well with the content of the report. Well, because of the attacks, the military had been put on it’s highest state of alert, Threat Condition Delta. So I took that, and my report was named “Threat Con. Delta”.

I saw a news summary format on one site, and proceeded to copy it. (some days, yes, copying it) As time progressed, I added a bunch of international news, and some domestic news. Since my personal news reports had it’s roots in terrorism, I tried to keep the focus on the war on terror. Not just in Afghanistan – and later, Iraq – but ALL over the world. If the Abu Sayyaf set off another bomb in the Philippines, I reported it.

I did Delta for a couple years. But as I started to work more and more, I just couldn’t bring myself to devote a couple hours to typing out that report. So Delta faded out, with it’s last grand special report being filed on the day Saddam Hussein was captured.

When I was setting this blog up, I was trying to think of what I wanted to include in it. I wanted to flesh out more of a pattern, to know exactly what area’s I would be posting. As with most blogs, it just boiled down to personal favorites. For me, it was news, entertainment, the cable news wars, and personal notes of interest. But I wanted more emphasis on the news and wire articles. I want it to be more than just a place to find out what I’m thinking… It’s a place to know what I’m thinking about.

And what better way to emphasize the news aspect of this site than to put Delta in the title. As for the Institute part? Well, quite frankly, I justed wanted something that sounded big and official-like. I mean, The Delta Institute… It sounds big and fore-boding! (and suprisingly un-original)

So there you have it. The history behind the name.


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