New Additions to the Info Bar

On the interactive link and info bar on the right-hand side of this page, a new section has been added: FOX News Links. First, you have a link to the video player. I couldn’t get it to come in a pop-up window, like on the main page. Instead, it’s full-size. But it doesn’t really matter. ^_^

The link is set for a hourly headline update. Hope the link works for current headlines, and not one set of headlines for the rest of eternity! Anywho, there’s a ton of FNC video to check out. And they’ve been adding more and more sections in the past couple weeks. If you missed it on TV, or heard about it but don’t get FOX News, this is a great alternative.

Then there’s the What’s on FNC page. That’s the general TV directory. From show schedules to links to show’s webpages, to biographies, this page has you covered. From there we go to FOX Fan Central, which has exclusive video, commentary, forums, features, and alot more. You must also be a FOX Fan member to reap the benefits from the interactive Business section, and the new “internet magazine”, the iMag.

“GretaWire” is a blog from FNC’s queen of cable news, Greta van Susteran. There’s hardly a day that goes by without behind-the-scenes pictures, video, or both. Though something was whacky on last nights show? Chances are, it was ten time’s whackier behind the camera.

Then, finally, we go away from the official site to THE most informative FNC fan site avaliable, FOX News Channel Central. With yours truely onboard as an assistant manager, a truely wonderful assortment of individuals come together to discuss current issues and FNC happenings on the message board. And the rest of the site has more content than you could possibly imagine. It’s a great site. Plus, it’s one of the top cable news groups on the web, period!

Watch it on FNC, then discuss it in FNCC!

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