Season 5 of FOX’s 24

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The 24 Insider, a site devoted to spoilers for 24, and VERY reliable, has the first details of the plot for Season 5 of FOX’s hit program. If you don’t want ANY spoilers, then ignore this post. For those who want details to hold them over ’till January, scroll down, and highlight the text:

The Chinese Government has learned that Jack is stil alive and they know his suspicious death was an elaborate hoax. (It’s looking more and more like the season five prequel will deal with how the Chinese learn of Jack’s resurrection.) U.S. intelligence assets have covertly confirmed the Chinese claims and an international incident is imminent. In order to suppress the diplomatic damage, elements within the U.S. Government begin to set a plan in motion that will contain the situation.

The plan calls for the immediate assassinations of every single person who knows that Jack Bauer is still alive as well as the assassination of Jack.

And we already know there will be one MAJOR character death for the season premiere. If it’s someone who know’s that Jack is alive, it could be Palmer, Tony, Michelle, or Chloe. Since Dennis Hasybert is starring on another show this fall, it *could* be Palmer.

So, it looks like the hunter will become the hunted. But it’s 24, so by hour 15 or so, everyone who “died” will be alive again, and Jack will be “head” of CTU again (not really, but he’ll be ordering everyone around). And they’ll be focusing on a group of evil white men, instead of the Chinese.

Obviously, the writers decided to actually use what they left in the finale to set up the next season, instead of ignoring it, like they did with Season 3. (assassination attempt? What assassination attempt?) Would it be too much to hope that McClennan Forrester would be the rogue U.S. government element hunting down the good guys? (it’s 24, so probably not. Still, it’d be cool to see the writers actually tie up a loose end or two every now and then.)

So there you have the plot. Jack, Chloe, Curtis, and Buchannan will be back, and then we introduce Craig Huxley, a whiney teenager who doesn’t like that Jack is dating his mom. And with good reason! Jack’s love interest get killed off in odd-numbered seasons!

Season 1: Teri died. Season 2: Kate lived. Season 3: Claudia died. Season 4: Audrey lived, thereby proving that there is no justice in the world whatsoever.

So get ready for creepy Chinese villians!


2 Responses to “Season 5 of FOX’s 24”

  1. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    you know, this sounds like the plot of “days of our lives”

  2. eChuckler Says:

    Except it has GUNS, Evie. And a counter-terrorism unit. THUS setting it apart!

    Actually, one of the main actors, Carlos Bernard, came over FROM a soap opera. Which explains his performance in many episodes.

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