Sneak Peak into TV

File Under: TV Scoop

Here are some quick notes from around the web:
Inside Cable News reports that FOX News has promoted their reporter/anchor Brian Wilson to Congressional Corrospondent. Wilson was the first of any network anywhere to report the news that O’Connor would be stepping down from the high court.
– Additionally, Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy will take turns substituting for Linda Vester for the next year.
The Futon Critic previews two fall programs, the CSI/X-Files hybrid Bones, and the gritty military program, The Unit, the later of which stars Dennis Haysbert, who is one of the best actors around today. If he can do a flurry of Allstate commercials and still come across as commanding, you know he’s good!
– The future of High Defition TV is 3-D. (reg. required) This proposed TV, in addition to having THE best picture quality ever, also sets off various “blades”, which allows different people in the SAME ROOM to see different images. Timmy could watch MSNBC, while Beatrice could be watching CNBC, all from the same unit. And the 3D part? No glasses required! There’s some seriously cool technology going on here!
– Wednesday, at 10 pm, Tom Brokaw will interview Bob Woodward about his relationship with Mark “Deep Throat” Felt.


One Response to “Sneak Peak into TV”

  1. Janna Says:

    Why Juliet Huddy? She’s super annoying and only likes to talk about Hollywood. Mike Jerrick should do Dayside full-time.

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