File Under: Quick Glances

4 gored during the annual bull run in Spain. No one is suprised.
Hope it last! Two former Sudanese enemies (one ex-rebel, one President, who came to power in a coup) signed a new constitution. A coalition government is expected by August 9.
– Have you jumped clear across the Great Wall of China on a skateboard? Na, me either. This was the first time it was done without motorized aid.
North Korea says it’ll resume 6-nation talks. Check back on Monday, when they pull out. Or on Tuesday, when they decided to rejoin. Or Wednesday, when they pull out…
If all goes well, we’ll be getting Canadian beef again in a week or two.
– If you don’t want Canadian or American beef, how ’bout beef made in a labratory? A “new study” says that it may be possible.
– Like lemmings, 450 sheep jumped to their deaths in Istanbul, Turkey. Shepards across the globe are now on the lookout for copycats.
– I’ll be like Drudge for a second here… I’ll just link to a news search for “Hurricane Dennis”, and call it the Hurricane Dennis NewsWire.
Birmingham has been partly evacuated due to a security scare. Police say it’s not connected to the 7/7 attacks. But it’s still troublesome. Here’s a site with the latest “wires”, news, and information connected to the London bombings.
– Finally, there has been an unexpected side-effect of the 7/7 attacks: a surge in bicycle sales.


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