Can it REALLY be exciting?

File Under: I don’t understand it

NBC Universal announced their plans to cover the shuttle Discovery taking off on Wednesday. And yes, MSNBC has been promoting it to death, more so than promoting Hurricane or terrorism coverage.

On, they’ll be live-blogging the event. I can imagine it’ll go something like this:

3:48 – It’s hot. My shirt is soaked with sweat. I want to go home.
3:49 – Can’t they just launch it already? It’s boring.
3:49 – People are acting like it’s moving or something. There’s smoke, but nothing that exciting.
3:50 – Huh. I think there’s some sign of life. The crowd is excited. TV crews are everywhere, not to mention all the radio microphones. And all the live-bloggers. I see a couple family member, but mostly press. Ha.
3:51 – Look! It’s going up in the sky. ROAR! go the rockets. Roar. And it’s up, and away. Just like promised. Whew! Thank goodness I’m being paid to type the bloody obvious!

Maybe that’s why I don’t get any contracts to live-blog from events… But really, would you watch it on TV, listen to it on the radio, watch webcast and streaming internet video… Or keep reloading a live weblog? Yeah, I said “anything but the blog” too.


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