File Under: Stupid Bloggers

Guy! Some people are stupid. The blog What’s Happening at CNN has this to say about FNC’s coverage:

“FNC seems to be doing the same as it has done in the past. Did notice they are ‘squeezing in’ some talk about terrorist into their coverage. I guess they are trying to blame the hurricane on them.”

Now, these folks are extremely anti-FNC, but they are honestly criticizing FOX News for covering the 7/7 terrorist attacks, instead of going wall-to-wall Hurricane Dennis. Furthermore, if they bothered to WATCH FNC for an extended period of time, they’d see that it’s 95% Dennis, and just a little bit about 7/7.

If they were spending a great amount of time covering, say, skateboarders who jump the Great Wall of China, then there’d be reason to complain. But to be upset that FNC had squeezed in updates on London’s worst attack since WWII? One of the most tragic terrorist attacks since 9/11 and the Bali Bombings? Give me a break!


3 Responses to “Idiots”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And the London terrorist story is how many days old? Any new developments? NO. Surprised we havn’t seen any aruba stories from greta.

  2. eChuckler Says:

    Old? 3 days later, and it’s old news, and worthy of being dropped?

    Surely, thou are jesting. Apply the same standard to 9/11, and the intense global coverage it had. Was wall-to-wall terrorism coverage justified following an attack on US? SHOULD we apply the same standard to our allies and friends?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    worthy of being dropped? NO. Still worthy of mentioning BUT everyone knows fnc’s strongpoint isn’t doing stories like a hurricane. Gotta find something to keep the angry white men watching.

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