Notes from The Institute

File Under: Press Release

– First off, that stuff I said that I’d cover this weekend? Funny thing that, I never covered it. Humblest apologies.
– Secondly, I haven’t completely ignored my 4th of July photo’s, nor photo’s from my very mysterious trip to Chicago. Perhaps I’ll do a write-up of that in the future.
– Thirdly, another mailbag sounds like fun. Just go to the sidebar (—->), and click on The Drop Box. Your comments may be as anonymous (or identifiable) as you want. Just write up a comment, a proverb, or ask a question about ANYTHING at all. If it’s weird, I’ll use it. If it’s serious, I’ll use it.

I almost had to buy new stationary! I briefly considered changing the name of the site to The Delta NewsWire, but I decided against that… for now. (hehe)

And just to clear up a very popular rumor, I am not looking currently at adding additional bloggers. You may, however, e-mail me your resume, and should a position ever become avaliable, I shall inform the most qualified persons immediately.

Also, due to a scheduling conflict, I had to cancel my appearance on Jay Leno. We’re hoping to reschedule for sometime in the near future.

That’s all the latest news from the Institute for now. I’ll try to not make so many promises about coverage, unless I know I can keep them. Well, maybe. I do want to keep the option of a political career open, just in case…


2 Responses to “Notes from The Institute”

  1. Janna Says:

    Bummer about the Leno appearance. Is your Conan interview still on?

  2. eChuckler Says:

    Currently, yeah. But no date was ever set in stone. We’re working on that.

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