Erasing History

File Under: Mischeviousy

While looking around at media job listings for fun, I found one particular intruiging job:

Job Requirements: Very busy company seeks hard-working professional for imaging department. Minimum one year in professional scanning and retouching position. Must have Mac, Photoshop experience, candidates with Mac troublshooting and support experience of particular interest! Multi-tasker with ability to take direction from others and work within a team environment, attention to detail, organization and cleanliness a must!

About Our Company: Retna is one of the world’s best and one of the last independent stock photo archives specializing in famous faces, with an incredible collection built up over nearly 30 years in business.

So… Didn’t like a slight makeup smudge? Hated that mole on his face? Take this job, and you can “retouch” how pretty the celebrity looks. Surely, they’ll look even more beautiful after even MORE makeup (howbeit virtual), and since it comes from an archive, they’ll think it was authentic! If you can get bought off by celebrities, it may not actually be a half-bad job… (“I’ll pay $5,000, just get RID OF IT!”)


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