FNC Podcast?

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If you enjoy FOX News, and either enjoyed a program last night, or couldn’t see it and still wanted to at least hear it, would you be intersted in a podcast? Greta van Susteran (The “Queen of Cable News”) ponders this in her blog:

And a quick question: If we post the audio from our show on the website, and if you miss the show the night before, are you likely to download the show on your iPodsearch) or other recording device and listen to it? Before I jump through a bunch of hoops to try and make this happen, I need to know if there is any interest… (

CNN’s hourly update is one of the top-rating podcast on iTunes. (it ranks #3, just behind The Al Franken Show and iTunes New Music.) With CBS announcing it’s creating a more broadband-friendly website, and with FoxNews.com trying to get ahead in the web race, would podcasting entire shows help to attract more hits?

I’d definately listen to a daily re-broadcast of On the Record, and would love it if there were others that followed suit as well. Though I’m sure The O’Reilly Factor would be extremely popular, as would be Hannity & Colmes, having an daily audio download of The FOX Report avaliable would make me very happy.


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