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– For whatever reason, Meijer has felt the need to repeatedly play a trailer for Pearl Harbor, and announcing that it’s now out on DVD and VHS. Which, OK, it’s been out for a long time. If this is a new trailer, wouldn’t they at least change the trailer to add Jennifer Garner to the cast? Sure, she didn’t play a HUGE part after the bombing, but wouldn’t Meijer try to capitalize on Bennifer 2.0? Oh well. The trailer is fantastic, and makes the movie look like a true epic classic. Too bad it kinda was nowhere near epic or classic status, huh?

– You know, if announcing a retirement in the entertainment industry meant a thing, this item here might actually get some folks in the Red States very excited. And Blue States very sad.

– OK, you know that story I was hoping to get the local take on? I told ‘ya it was nothing special. Repeatedly. If you got your hopes up, that is soley your fault, and you hereby agree to take full responsibility of it thereof, and will not accuse the Delta Institute or it’s author(s) of any psychical, psychological, or spiritual damage recieved while reading this blog, or the comments.

sign the line above

– Yeah, I was actually going to tell the story. It turns out that PBS used to play Monty Python’s Flying Circus in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, since retro is sooo in, PBS is making all 45 episodes avaliable to it’s stations starting next year. Also on tap is a series of specials each focusing on one of the troupe members. The series will be called “Monty Python’s Personal Best.” Local PBS affiliate WGVU declined to comment to TDI on any known plans to air the series.

– If you were to make a movie about the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes affair, who would star in it? I’m thinking that, to play the leading role in The Brainwashing of Katie Holmes, that Jim Carrey would be perfect. Sure, he doesn’t really look like Tom. But he can certianly act goofy! And he’s good at doing the uber-zany-to-dead-serious-in-a-split-second deal that Tom Cruise has been doing lately.

It’d probably be easy enough to get Oprah to come in to play herself during the re-creation of the infamous Cruise interview. You could probably get any young starlett who may or may not be out of high school to play Katie Holmes. She just needs to stand there and look brainwashed, creepy, or uber-happy. Maybe Dakota Fanning!

And if the script calls for the murder of the character of Tom Cruise, you may be able to get Brooke Shields in as herself. TDI can’t currently think of any actress offhand who would be well-suited to play her.

Yes, a Cruise-Holmes movie starring Jim Carrey and Dakota Fanning would do extremely well, I think. Especially if the twist ending is that both Cruise and Holmes are malfunctioning robots!


2 Responses to “Various Bits of Information”

  1. Erika Says:

    Pearl Harbor was a good movie…my friend and I cried through most of the ending!! Josh Hartnett shouldn’t have died, either!!

    I’m sure we’ll all greatly miss Eminem…or not. I guess he had a couple ok songs, though.

    Too late about the whole story thing…I had my hopes up for ages…now they’re dashed against the…idk, something sharp and hard.

    I think such a movie about Tom and Katie would be wonderful, if not mildly disturbing. I’ll bet they’d be more than willing to give you comments on it as they did on James’ blog!!

  2. eChuckler Says:

    You… liked it? See, based on the trailers, commercials, pr-campaigns, everything, I was kinda expecting a war movie.

    Instead, I got a troubled romance movie set during WWII. And it WAS romance-first, war second, or third. WWII just got in the way of the twisted love triangle, that’s all.

    But the bombing scene was an incredible moment in cinema history.

    So, Erika, who would you choose to play Katie and Brooke? I honestly still can’t think of anybody to play Brooke Shields. I’ve not really thought about it, but nobody leaps to mind.

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