File Under: Random Advertisements

This is taken from TDI news and affairs contributor Eva Lemmon’s own blog:

I was just told by a reputable source that lapislazuli is realy cool.
I most likely have misspelled that word, but who cares!
! snaem ti tahw wonk dlouw evolG ehT dneirf doog ym ylno. tuo siht eruggif t’nac uoy teb I
Ha ha ha, foolish coconuts, you are all mystified by this strange anomaly! No doubt you think the author is going out to lunch, over the deep end, flying the coop, off her rocker!!! HaHAHAHAHA!!!
(The wail of the lunatic Van’s siren is heard in the back ground, men in tidy uniforms climb the staircase, talking in carefully modulated voices. The form hunched up in a computer chair is vaguely aware of their approach.)
Oh yes, I shall have you all spinning in circles no doubt concentricly!!! You can not escape!!! I will show the world the power of this fully opperational death star!!!
(The exits are skillfully blocked by the athletic men in tidy uniforms, and the doctor advances, flanked by the strongest two, clutching a white jacket. The doctor murmers to the vaguely aware form, who is madly typing.)

The rest of the story continues at her site. Expect more random promotions for affiliate bloggers in the next couple days. If you read this blog, and want a site linked off or promoted, send me a link, and I’ll see what I can’t do.


One Response to “Quotations”

  1. Erika Says:

    u should 4sure promote my blog…it needs all the promotions it can get:-)

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