File Under: Rewarding

Hey, I just got an idea! After I typed up the story below, I glanced over a list of the Emmy nominees, and it occured to me… TDI should hand out it’s own awards!

Should it still be entertainment-based? Movies only? TV only? A mixture? Music, books, theological scholars, geologist, volcando tour guides?

Write in your suggestions for a format and different categories, and I’ll shift through it all, and try to pick one.

Also, if ya’ll send in more questions, I can do another mailbag! I don’t have much right now, but since next week, there will be no post, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mailbag to look at all week? Yeah, it would be…

So, if you send in enough questions or comments by this weekend, I can get that up! I know I’m asking a bit of ya’ll, but I know you’re the interactive, progressive type. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here! šŸ™‚


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