It’s John Roberts

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Hey, we don’t have to wait until 9 pm to find out who the nominee is! Having the scoop a hour ahead of time is great, ’cause that means the President’s speech will just be a formal proceeding, instead of a newsmaking event.

Anyways, he’s John Roberts, and looking around quickly on the web, he sounds pretty good. He’s certianly no Ted Kennedy!

UPDATE #1: No, it’s not this John Roberts. Focus, people, focus!

UPDATE #2: Here are some quick facts I posted over at FNCC:

– Has been speculated on for about 5, 6 months, as a possible canadite.
– Is 50 years old.
– Is described by associates as a reliable conservative.
– Was a clerk for Rehnquist.
– Has a membership in the Federalist Society.
– Was in the White House counsel’s office during Reagan’s tern.
– Worked with Kenneth Starr and others in the DOJ under Bush.
– Mark Levin says that “in the short period he has been on the court, John Roberts has shown he does not bring a personal agenda to work. He follows the Constitution, and he is excellent.”
– Sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals in DC.
– He was confirmed by the Senate on May 8, 2003. Was blocked by years of Democratic obstruction, but was approved by a 16-3 vote.
– Doesn’t vote a straight party line. A few descisions have ticked off the base, but they are few and far between.

More can be found here.

UPDATE #3: Hat tip to Drudge. Roberts is firmly against Roe v. Wade.

UPDATE #4: He quite clearly isn’t Judge Judith Clement. Apparently, baseless media speculations tends to be wrong most of the time!

Hey! SCOTUSBlog nominated him for the post back in November! Tom Goldstein is a prophet!

UPDATE #5: Here are some quick facts from FOX News, ABC News has a bio, and no one else has anything else that you can’t really find here at TDI. The news conference begins at 9 pm ET. I will be away for a while, and unable to live-blog the conference. But stay tuned to your favorite news outlet for the latest news and information.


One Response to “It’s John Roberts”

  1. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Wow! I never knew about this kind of shazz. Who do we want nominated again?

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