DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions of the author are not copyrighted. Any similarities to people who may or may not be living an/or dead should be viewed as a coincidence, and not an act of malice. The author takes no responsibility for anything written or linked to, as he feels that he does not care. He will not post quarterly earnings reports, and will hold no breakfasts or lunch’s with stock holders. He has not signed the Glu-glu’s on as an official mascot as of yet. All speculation should be regarded as rumor, until the emperor of Japan makes an announcement saying to the contrary. Must be one year of age or older to post a comment. Please type your post, as we can tell if it has been “pecked” or not. This site is not intended to substitute search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, or AltaVista. Please consult doctor before beginning diet or excercise program. Side effects may include headache, fever, back pain, or sudden death. Lifeguard is not on duty, so please excercise caution when swimming. Please patent your invention with the U.S. Copyright Office. Commentary and exclusive documentaries will be produced for the 6-disc collectors DVD set, but do not reflect the thoughts, feelings, or sandwhiches of the people involved with the production of the aforementioned product(s).

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