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Whew! I was all worried that next week, when I’m away in Springfield, Missouri, that it’d be uncomfortable. Well, it seems they’ll have a cool front coming through or something, ’cause it’ll cool down from 101 degrees to about the mid to low 90’s. That isn’t so bad!

I’ll be away next week at the Reformed Youth Services (RYS) annual convention for high schoolers. I leave at 3:30 am Monday morning, and get back home probably between 2 and 3 am Saturday morning.

Thankfully, at least the bus will be air-conditioned. Don’t the seats look like they belong in a bowling alley or laser tag establishment? Anyway, I’ll be staying at Evangel University, where I just found out that the dorms are air-conditioned!!! WHOOHOO!!! Thank goodness, since it’s muggier down there than it is here, hard as it is to believe.

Anywho, I’ll be sure to post a goodbye post, and maybe leave you with something…. unexepcted. Dunno, I’ll have to think on it. Exepct sporadic post this weekend.


One Response to “Craziness”

  1. James w. Lanning Says:

    All your sporadic post are belong to us.

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