Short Stories for Big Imaginations

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Before I go, its time for another round of TDI’s original short stories! The main character is the contreversial Glu-Glu, who so far, has managed to go unharmed, while the other characters involved wind up kersplatted. What’ll happen in these installments? Well, read on to find out, silly!

Traffic Jam

Oh, how anxious people get when they have to wait! People are screaming and yelling, because they have to stop for a while at a busy intersection. And when an entire city full of people want to get home at once, traffic should be expected! Glu-Glu knew this, and was continually amazed at the anticts of some drivers.

The Arg-Arg in the car next to him was hopping mad, screaming until he was red in the face. Steam came out of both ears. “Arg-Arg,” started Glu-Glu. “Why can’t you just be patient and wait? Don’t you know that yelling doesn’t change anything?” The Arg-Arg got even angrier, and his face puffed up in rage.

Five minutes went by, and they had gone through a few intersections, but traffic was still heavy, and the Arg-Arg was still angry. It was a red light, after all. Glu-Glu suddenly noticed that the Arg-Arg was getting out of his car! He grumbled something – very loudly too – and it sounded like “I won’t wait for this to move, I’ll walk!”

He walked between cars, not moving to get to the sidewalk. Suddenly, the light turned green! And another driver, who had been too busy to notice anything else but the green light, put the pedal to the metal, and hit the Arg-Arg.

“I guess,” said Glu-Glu to himself. “It’s worth having a little patience after all!”

The Carnival

It was the highlight of any summer – the carnival was in town! Glu-Glu had gone, and was having the time of his life. And who wouldn’t? Well, the Lum-Lum, that’s who! He had been dragged along by some friends, who left to do fun stuff. The Lum-Lum wanted no part in any of this fun business!

Glu-Glu noticed this fellow’s grumpy attitude, and was worried that it may start to affect others. “Mister Lum-Lum, what can we do to make this carnival fun for you too?” “Why, you can take it away, that’s how!” Glu-Glu was shocked by just how grumpy this guy was. Glu-Glu showed him all the carnival games, the fun house, the ferris wheel, but nothing made him happy!

As they passed the manager of the carnival, Lum-Lum suddenly declared, “I want this place shut down!” All the people were shocked and suprised. “We can’t do that, everyone else is having fun.” the manager replied. “Well, I’m not!”

Nearby, a young couple was having fun playing. They were having fun with the “Show Your Strength” game with the sledge hammer, where you have to try to hit the bell at the top. One of them made a terrible mistake, and instead of throwing the sledge hammer foward with all their might, it was thrown backwards with brute strength!

Lum-Lum, who was too busy complaining and ranting about he wasn’t having any fun, didn’t hear the warnings to move and get out of the way. Splat! Sadly, when he came too, he would probably be complaining more. It is important to everynow and then to do something fun, Glu-Glu figured, rather than complain and bicker. It is more enjoyable for everyone that way!

The Cliff

It was a beautiful fall day. Glu-Glu was hiking, and having fun enjoying the scenery. He spent all day climbing to the top of a clearing, which had a cliff on top with a very tall drop. If you fell down the cliff, you would have plenty of time to think about how foolish such an action really is.

Suddenly, from the easy path, came a Igo-Igo, strutting it’s stuff on it’s very fancy mountian bike. It went around in circles around Glu-Glu, laughing at how easy it was for him to get to the top using his mountian bike, and how Glu-Glu was all dirty and tired from hiking all day.

“I’ll show you just how great a cyclist I really am!” exclaimed Igo-Igo, who was very proud of his bike. “I’ll pop a wheely right here, on the edge!” Glu-Glu tried to talk him out of it, pleading, insisting that he was already very much impressed. But Igo-Igo wanted to prove himself, so he went right up to the edge, and lifted the front end of his bike into the air. Well, Igo-Igo use a bit too much force, and went up too high. Trying to regain balance, the bike rolled backwards, off the cliff.

Such pride he showed a minute ago, before the fall. Glu-Glu vowed that he would never try to prove that he can do fancy tricks to the point of kersplunting himself right off a cliff!

The Lazy One

As is the case with every machine, be it a huge factory, or just a tiny watch, everything eventually breaks or dies. While shopping at a story for a new radio, Glu-Glu looked over at another section of the store and saw a youngish man, named Bla-Bla, sitting and staring at the television.

Glu-Glu shopped for 10 minutes, then walked by the televisions again, and saw Bla-Bla, sitting on the floor, staring at the television, and at nothing else. Every single part of his brain that pays attention to various stuff were focused on nothing else but the TV screen.

“Come, Bla-Bla, you can watch TV at your own home. Get up off the floor!” Glu-Glu said to the kid. Bla-Bla didn’t hear him at all. He layed there, content to just watch the program. “Where are your parents?” Glu-Glu asked. A salesman walked up right then. “Bla-Bla has been here for three days, doing nothing but watching TV. When we close at night, he stays and just looks at the blank screen. He’ll eat if we give him food, but nothing else.”

Indeed, there was a nice pile of crumbs around Bla-Bla. “Bla-Bla, you are making a mess and are in everyone’s way. Now please, get up! Your parents must be worried sick about you.” said Glu-Glu.

Sadly, no TV went kersplunt on his head. See, they tried not giving him food for a few days, hoping that he would get hungry and leave. But they had to call the ambulence, because he wasn’t moving, and perishing away! The television is never that important. But for Bla-Bla, he had already become so lazy, that he couldn’t think of anything else but laying around and watching programs, and making people do stuff for him.

But boy, if anyone deserved a good hit on the noggin, it’d be Bla-Bla!


2 Responses to “Short Stories for Big Imaginations”

  1. Erika Says:

    Well, there you have it. Chuck is an author!!

  2. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Honestly. Oh well. I like the horrific plot twists.

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