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Thanks to Mark from Gimme Back My Bullets for retrieving a post that was claimed by the web daemons. First, they return mail. Now, they’re deleting messages. These majiq eForces must be stopped! I lost 2 posts. One dealt with Lost news, the other was a general entertainment news rundown. So I’ll just combine the two, and post the Lost news inside the ticker.

File Under: Entertainment News

OK, time now for a complete rundown of entertainment news. It’s the quickest 15 minutes TDI can give to any celebrity. And no, sadly, we cannot take 15 minutes of fame away from anybody. If we could, do you think Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan would still be household names? Thought not. Here now, the rundown:

– ABC, via their Lost newsletter, have revealed the first three episode titles of the new season. Click here to see them. The first 2 titles pretty much tell who they’ll be focusing on…
– Chuck Norris is filming “Trial by Fire“, a Walker, Texas Ranger TV movie. There’s a boy who gets a peice of a missle-guidance system (?), and another Ranger is framed. CBS used a think tank for the next part: Former Northern Exposure star Janine Turner will play a – get this – FORENSICS EXPERT. Yes, it’ll be CSI: Walker Edition. So help us all.
– FOX the Network has started up a podcasting page. You can listen to a guy read a recap of your favorite TV program! It’ll expand later on, offering DVD-like material. Check it out here.
– Hugh Laurie and Sela Ward like working with each other. Aaaw!
Click here to watch select clips from Current, Al Gore’s TV channel.
– Yahoo! has parterned up with ABC News and CNN to provide video content on it’s news pages. FOX News had been trying for a similar portal deal, but it looks like it may have fallen through.
– Hey! It’s another what’ll Katie Couric do? article.
– A&E announced it’s plans for original telepics and original series this fall season.
DVDAnswers.com has the artwork up for season 2 DVD set of Arrested Development.
– Jimmy Stewart. Ah, what fond memories we have of that secret FBI agent/actor.

And that’s a quick look at what you may or may not have already heard through the entertainment grapevine. Check back later for more from Missouri!

Thanks again, Mark, for saving the post. ^_^ Hope it sticks this time!!!


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