An oddity…

File Under: Cable News Ratings

Here’s something that we don’t get often… Ratings for cable news networks for SUNDAY night. I’ve rarely seen an hourly breakdown. Last I heard a few years back, FNC wasn’t doing too great on the weekends. Evidentially, that’s not the case! Here are the ratings, via Inside Cable News:

FOX Report Sunday – 1,132,000 viewers
People in the News – 411,000 viewers
MSNBC Special – 131,000 viewers

8PM – P2+
War Stories – 942,000 viewers
CNN Presents – 373,000 viewers
Hardball – 159,000 viewers

9 PM – P2+
Big Story Weekend Edition – 1,631,000 viewers
Larry King Live – 496,000 viewers
MSNBC Special – 217,000 viewers

10 PM P2+
At Large with Geraldo Rivera (sub host) – 1,729,000 viewers
CNN Sunday Night – 380,000 viewers
Meet the Press – 299,000 viewers

The Big Story Weekend’s host for the weekend was Julie Banderas. Evidentially, she can hold a show! (and she has great talent, too. She’s not just looks. She’s very professional in her reports)

UPDATE: If you want more ratings fun, here’s a .PDF, ranking the top cable news shows for the month of July. FNC’s lowest rated program, their 6 am broadcast, beat almost all of CNN’s programs, and ALL of MSNBC’s programs.


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