Of Mice and Stories

File Under: Short Story

This was no ordinary mouse. This was Ri-Ri, one of the most powerful, reckognizable mice in the entire city! Ri-Ri could find the most food of anybody, and if you were on his good side, maybe he’d share some with you. But over the past couple weeks another mouse had risen in power. His name was Wou-Wou, and he was gathering more and more food each day, and share with everybody in the sewers.

Ri-Ri would not stand for this. He had the throne, the power. He wouldn’t let this Wou-Wou stand in his way! Ri-Ri was going to declare war on the people on the streets, and would force them to bring down ALL their food. Ri-Ri would bring home the jackpot.

Ri-Ri spent hours preparing himself, gathering small knifes and weapons to take with him on the streets. Finally, he was ready. Ri-Ri carefully sneaked up along the walls, and quickly sneaked out of a manhole cover. He was strong, and he was ready for war.

Ri-Ri went for the middle of the sidewalk, and stood up. “Listen, people of the city! I, Ri-Ri, declare that all food belongs to me!” KERSPLAT! Glu-Glu looked down, and saw a mouse underneath his foot. “What was that?” a shopkeeper asked. “Nothing,” Glu-Glu replied. “Just another annoying mouse. They’re everywhere, I tell ‘ya.” Glu-Glu shaked his head – and the mouse from his foot – and continued on walking.


4 Responses to “Of Mice and Stories”

  1. RaptorNine Says:

    Great story that reminds me of a lot of folks…They think they’re the most important people in the world when in reality they’re just pests to the rest of us!

  2. eChuckler Says:

    !!! I was trying to go for a story that wasn’t so “preachy”, but Raptor, you did find a great moral nugget in the story. Go figure!

    And don’t you wish that sometimes, you COULD actually just squash those pests?

  3. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    I wouldn’t want to squash an *RoUS with knives and such.
    *rodent of unusual size

  4. Erika Says:

    I think the moral of the story should really be look both ways before you cross the street!!

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