The E-News in Brief

File Under: General Gib-jabbering

– Hey, there are plenty of Mohicans!
Inside Cable News has ratings for Wednesday, going from 3 pm till 1 am. MSNBC was still live at midnight, talking about the capture of “Bonny and Clyde”. It… didn’t help ratings at all.
– Bill Murray is in negotations to reprise his role as the voice of Garfield the Orange Fat Cat in an upcoming theatrical sequal. The actors who played Jon and Liz are signed on to return, though Liz will have a greatly diminished role.
– What do Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Donald Trump, Matt Lauer, & Jude Law all have in common? They’re among the best dressed men, apparently.
– Can meteor’s really have an outburst? And if so, isn’t that too much information?
Ask Yahoo! showcased question of the day: If our body is 98.6 degrees, why do we feel uncomfortable when the air temperature is 98 degrees?
Television Without Pity has been giving out awards all week.
Comcast wants to stay ahead of the game, and conquer the globe. (but they’ll have to team up with News Corp. in order to do that!) Proposed ideas are increased wireless options, and Google-like searches for television programs. I’ll take on-demand TV, but only if there are no on-demand prices to go alongside!!


One Response to “The E-News in Brief”

  1. Mark Says:

    People still care about Garfield? Go figure. The alternate movie title list was a great find.

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