The Weather Channel – Live By It?

File Under: TV News

When it came to the Weather Channel, you could always Live By It, per their slogan. But starting Monday, that slogan gets shredded up like a tornado tearing through Kansas, as TWC debuts their new catchphrase, Bringing Weather to Life. A new logo will also debut on the channel.

On September 17, there will be a new weekend morning show debuting. It’ll be the Good Morning America of weather, the channel states. Weekend View will be hosted by Dao Vu, who has no experience in meteorology. Describing the focus of the show, she says it’ll be “weathertainment”, and that they abide by very few rules – they can do whatever they want for the 4 hours they’re on air.

Then, on November 29, for 5 days, there will be a “Weather Channel Top Ten” program, which ranks major metro areas, like “most rainy” or “cloudiest city”. Dao Vu will also host that program. If it’s a success, TDI would expect the Weather Channel to find room in their lineup for it on a regular basis.

L.L. Bean is now a proud sponser of TWC, and when the weather reporters are braving the elements to “bring you the story”, they’ll be wearing L.L. Bean clothing. “Look, hon, there’s a reporter on live in the middle of that hurricane!” “Oh, I want that jacket she’s wearing!” Uh, yeah.

Here are some other changes to expect, courtesy of WHACK:
– First Outlook will be expanded by one hour in late summer. It will then air from 4-7 am.
– Your Weather Today will be expanded till 10 am, while Day Planner gets shortened to just 2 hours (10-noon).
– Jennifer Lopez will return to Evening Edition. Alexandra Steele will remain, but as a travel analyst.
– Evening Edition West Coast will repeat from 2-4 am, thereby kicking Overnight Outlook off the schedule.
– Bob Stokes will return to Weekend Now with Hillary Andrews. Both will co-host the entire 3 hours of the program.

And that’s the latest news and happenings from The Weather Channel. Don’t just live by it, bring weather to life! Era, that doesn’t really work. Whatever. Weather! Channel! Coverage! Yeah.


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