The Local Afternoon Rundown

File Under: Local Headlines

Here’s the latest news from the afternoon from the greater Grand Rapids area. From Holland to White Cloud, from Grandville to Hudsonville, the Delta Institute gives you a glimpse into it all. And it all begins, right now.

5 Minutes in West Michigan for Monday, August 15, 2005

– Specialist Fourth Class Brian Derks, from White Cloud, MI, was killed while on patrol in West Baghdad. The family found out on Saturday. The military has not announced the details surrounding his death. (source)

– Millennium Park is open for swimming again. Saturday, 20-year old Edgar Lopez drowned in those waters. Park officials urge swimmers to be cautious, especially when swimming outside the “safe zone”. (source)

– A 4-year old girl was accidentially shot by her 6-year old brother. It took place at about 5:30 pm Sunday afternoon, near 5th Street and Davis. Police believe it was an accident, but are trying to figure out where the gun came from, and who it belongs to. The girl is in stable condition, but will need more operations to fully recover. (source)

– 3 seperate shootings took place early Sunday in GR, leaving 4 with injuries that were not considered lfie threatening. At 2:17 am, in the Orbit Room, 2 people suffered wounds to their legs. At 3 am, police responded to a call at an alley, where a victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the back. The fourth call came from a hospital were a victim was shot in the leg. Details and names were not released by police. (source)

– Sunday, one apartment unit was detroyed, others damaged after a fire broke out at a apartment complex in Holland. Investigators say the fire started in a kitchen. No one was home at the time. A woman driving by the scene, off of Abbey Court (near 16th street) called 911 and helped evacuate the entire building before officials arrived on scene. 3 firefighters were hospitalized, one for minor burns, the others for smoke inhalation. They’ve since been released and cleared to return to work. (source)

– Prosecutors in Kent County dropped ethnic intimidation charges against 2 men involved in a road rage incident in which a black motorist was beaten. Today was supposed to be the day the trial started, but in a surprise move, the victim told the court he supports a plea deal made between the 2 parties. (source)

– Another Grand Rapids furniture manufacturer, Exceptionally Priced Furniture (EPF), is now out of business. They recently held an auction to sell their remaining hardware. (source)

And those are the latest headlines from across West Michigan. From the four corners of the globe to your fingertips, this is the power of the web. This is the Delta Institute. Thanks for clicking on, and come back for more updates as they become avaliable.


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