FNC’s Asman Re-Assigned

File Under: FOX News

TVNewser has some fairly big FNC news… David Asman will no longer host FOX News Live. Senior VP for programming Bill Shine named him head of FNC’s documentary unit. Asman will host a series of Breaking Point investigative specials, and will continue to host his business program, Forbes on FOX.

Asman anchored FOX News Live from 11:30 am ’till noon with Brigitte Quinn, then noon ’till 1 pm solo. Asman says that he’ll miss reporting breaking news, but that he really loves going in-depth, and looks foward to exploring under-reported stories.

The press release says that other anchors will rotate in that position in the meantime. But TDI can put 2 and 2 together, and as such, is deprived of the usual guessing game… Former CNN’er and high-profile anchor Bill Hemmer joined FNC not too long ago, as a “daytime anchor”. Speculation was that he might steal the 2 pm hour from Martha MacCallum, but this makes alot more sense.


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