Oh Dear!

File Under: Short Story

Skru-Skru was very cold, and tired of the snow. It just kept coming down, and the Skru-Skru was stranded in the middle what seemed to be an endless field. The Skru-Skru was of exceedingly short stature, and it scurried about, trying to keep above the snow. But oh, it was so cold! It made it very difficult.

Suddenly, the Skru-Skru heard a low humming in the distance. What could it be? He could see that whatever it was, had a headlight attached to it. It was coming over the horizon, and would be there shortly. What was it? The Skru-Skru hopes that, whatever it was, would help it get out of the snow, and into some shelter. This was it’s hope for rescue! It would live to see another day.

The Skru-Skru stood there, thinking of all the people and places it’d be able to see again once it was rescued. Oh, it didn’t want to leave just yet! Not like this, not in the snow. The Skru-Skru stood there, reflecting on it’s life. He never realized how much he enjoyed it. Suddenly, he wasn’t so cold anymore. His heart was full of warm, cozy thoughts. Ah, to see his family again.

Skru-Skru snapped too, to realize that the low hum had become a very loud roar. SKROOOSH!

“Glu-Glu, did you just hit something?” the Ti-Na asked.
“I think I might of. It’s tough to tell in the snow. Oh well!” Glu-Glu and Ti-Na continued onwards on the snowmobile, enjoying the winter weather.


2 Responses to “Oh Dear!”

  1. Erika Says:

    *sobs for the poor skru-skru*

  2. RaptorNine Says:

    And the moral of the story is…when you’re short, keep your head up at all times!

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