People hate celebrities, no matter what

File Under: What’d ‘ya want?

Guy… People yell at celebrities for not being like “normal people”, and then when you actually GET an actress who lives like a normal person, people get very upset! Ay-carumba. Here’s the blurb from the IMDB news section:

Screen star Rosario Dawson and her mother Isabel have enraged neighbors in their low-rent New York apartment block by reportedly failing to pay their “dues” of $100 per month. The Sin City actress grew up in the East Village tenement, which is intended for those living on a modest budget, but fellow residents are incredulous she continues to live there despite her current wealth. One angry tenant fumes to website, “She’s a multi-millionaire. Our building is for low-income people.” Another raging resident reveals Rosario’s mohawk-sporting mother Isabel fights constantly with fellow tenants and associates with a “rough crowd” outside the building – which is where the teenage Rosario was spotted by Kids director Larry Clark in 1995. But Isabel hits back, “I’ve lived here 19 years – you’re bound to have altercations with some people. Wherever Rosario decides to live – especially the building she grew up in as a little girl – she has that right. Whoever called (Page Six) is a sad person and they need to get a life. I’m sad about it. And I’m sad my daughter gets dragged into it because of who she is.”


3 Responses to “People hate celebrities, no matter what”

  1. Mark Says:

    You know what’s interesting? I couldn’t care less either way. Celebrities are either boring or sensationalistic, either way I’m apathetic towards them. Naturally I hope that they’ll embrace the Gospel, but meanwhile their problems are of no concern to me.

  2. Scarly...:D Says:

    what never ceases to amaze me is that there are people out there that actually wish they were famous… the life of the celebrity, to me, seems so vain and empty. i dont see why people care what the celebrities do anyway… sheesh.

  3. notliberal Says:

    I wonder if that whiner has seen the prices of apartments in NYC. I couldn’t afford “low-rent” housing out there.

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