TDI Loses Affiliates

File Under: Personal Announcement

TDI regrets to announce that two of it’s affiliates, In My Opinion and The Ministry of Vocabulary, have been deleted from complete existance. Also, both John W. Sikma’s blog, and the new Petey’s Pro-Action Photo’s, will be on a 2-week hiatus.

Other sites, such as Set It Off, In God We Trust, Penultimate Grooviness, Gimme Back my Bullets, Presbyterian Thoughts, Yes, I Have No Banana’s, and My Life… And Stuff are currently scheduled to update on a regular basis, at least, through the end of the month.

The Delta Institute may have sporadic short days, especially when school starts, but the director remains committed to posting the best and the weirdest from all around the web and bringing it right to your fingertips.

But in some good news, TDI is hearing word from a fairly reliable source that we’ll be adding a new site affiliate within the coming weeks. No promises, but it’s sounding fairly likely.

Also, expect a archive for the extended series (The Exodus to Sadistville, The Missouri Convention), and a seperate archive for the Glu-Glu stories. Both would be updated instantly whenever a new series or story is published, and would be found right on the link bar.

We wish our two fallen bloggers the best as they plot their eFuture.


2 Responses to “TDI Loses Affiliates”

  1. Erika Says:

    but WHYYYYYYYY??????

  2. Scarly...:D Says:

    aw, i think youll live erika

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