A Tale of Three Flames

File Under: Photography

Below is a study on a single picture. The first photo is un-touched. The second has had some slight cosmetic changes, and the third one is obviously “photoshopped”. The picture is of a flame jetting forth from a tiki torch.


11 Responses to “A Tale of Three Flames”

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  7. Eva Lemmon..? Says:

    Man. That is a lot of spam. I didn’t know you were into bone cancer etc.

  8. Erika Says:

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  9. Mark Says:

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    Cool pics.

  10. Mark Says:

    As far as the spam is concerned, Blogger just added a word verification feature to keep spammers away. Or you could switch to Haloscan – I’ve never had any spam over there.

  11. eChuckler Says:

    Huh… I’m into bone cancer. And nursing. (not like THAT!!!) And prescription pain medications. And making money. Hhhmm…

    Spam’s funny, so I’ll leave it up there.

    I know that my photo’s tend to generate a few comments, but I was really hoping that, oh, I don’t know, they were original comments thoughtfully typed out by people who care, and who aren’t hoping I just click repeatedly on their AdSense. *shakes head* It’s sad, really.

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