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The life of a flower is rather poetic when you reflect upon it. It starts out as a teeny, tiny little seed. With some care, dirt, and water, in that order, it’ll start to grow into a plant. And if you keep it up, it will eventually start to sprout buds. Give it more time, and the buds will become a big, colorful flower.

It’ll continue to shine radiantly in the garden, bringing delight to all who look upon it. One glance at it and it will bring smiles and warm thoughts to all. And when in company with other flowers, it is a beautiful array of colors.

“Why, hello, Ms. Rose”, the petunia would welcome on a sunny morning. “What a fine day it is!” “Oh, yes. Even the marigolds are in fine spirits today, and that is quite splendid indeed!”
“Yes, we are, thanks for noticing. Who could be grumpy on a day like-”

“Oh, dear.” said Glu-Glu to himself. “I got too close to the flower bed again. I’ve got to be more careful when mowing the lawn.” Shaking his head, Glu-Glu continued to cut the grass.

Ms. Rose went into shock, and withered 6 days later.


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