The Missouri Convention: Photographs

File Under: Extended Series

Here’s the conclusion to my trip to Missouri. And how else could I conclude such a series but with photographs! Below are 10 photo’s, from about 1,000. So you aren’t really getting the FULL experiance, but the full experiance would take a very long time to look through indeed!

Here’s a picture of inside the bus, where we spent close to 24 hours total. Funky, eh?

Here’s the St. Louis Arch…

Here’s the Bethany Volleyball Team. Actually, the guy on the far left doesn’t go to Bethany, but he’s a friend of some who do, so he joined in. First names only, from L-R: Dan, Scott, Nate, Tabetha, Luanna, Courtney, Rachel, & Hailey.

Here’s a picture of some of the campus grounds.
Pretty, eh?

Here’s a picture of my room. The bed’s not made, but since the air conditioning was BROKEN, it really didn’t matter if the bed was made or not.

Silver Dollar City was pretty busy!

This next picture here was taken from a lookout deck at Silver Dollar City. And those hills are BIG. It’s a very pretty state.

Do you remember me mentioning that the hall that the guys stayed in was actually a girls dorm? That the halls were all painted perdy like? Well, the “community room” (I guess…) that my small morning Bible Study group met in was VERY pretty…

The setting Illinois sun. (it’s different there. Or is it? )

Finally, here’s a group picture of everyone from Bethany. First names only!
Front Row, L-R: Tabetha, Luanna, Ida, Hailey, Courtney, & Rachel.
Back Row, L-R: Scott, Charles (me!), Nate, Dan, Jason, Eric, Corey, & David.

And actually, lots of the sunset picture’s that I’ve posted in the past month were taken during the busride home. So you’ve actually seen pictures from the convention, but perhaps without knowing it! I know, I’m sneaky, aren’t I?

Well, thanks for reading The Missouri Convention, and thanks for continuing to click on to The Delta Institute. Stay tuned for new extended series, plus your regular mix of news, entertainment, musings, and photography!


5 Responses to “The Missouri Convention: Photographs”

  1. Erika Says:

    oooh, SUUUUUUUPER sneaky!!! I like the sunset picture the most. also what does the a.c hafta do with the bed being made???

  2. eChuckler Says:

    It was VERY warm. Therefore, no point to arranging the blankets in a comfortable positions, for they wouldn’t really be used anyways. Sorry, should have been more clear. 😉

  3. Nate Says:

    Great stuff echuckler.

    See my latest on L.O.U.A.

    Its pretty fun!

  4. Janna Says:

    Wow, Chuckles! You really pared down your photos! How on earth did you do it? 🙂
    When are the party pics going up? And Chicago parts 2 and 3? Hmmmm???

  5. eChuckler Says:

    I kept on, and kept on, doing readers digest versions of readers digest versions of the pictures. 😉

    And, um, everything else will be up soon enough. I just need some time to devote to work on them, and I haven’t had that the past day or so! 😉

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