FNC Program Cancelled

File Under: News about Cable News

Minnie, from FOX News Channel Central, has broken some fairly big news in the cable news world… Cal Thomas’ weekened program, After Hours w/Cal Thomas, has been cancelled. The September 10 program is that show’s lasts installment on-air. Thomas made the announcement on his radio commentary spot.

Since FNC didn’t really announce this, we don’t really know what will happen with the timeslot, even re-run wise. Maybe the Beltway Boys will re-air in that timeslot.

The last time a weekend program was cancelled was Pat Sajak Weekend, which I still miss. Yes, I know it’s been a year or two. I’m still in mourning!

So here are some predictions for FNC Weekend…
– Julie Banderas gets the Big Story Weekend gig, and it airs Saturday AND Sunday at 9 pm ET, as it’s been doing ever since Rita Cosby left. (when Rita was at FNC, it only aired on Saturday)

Daryn Kagan joined FNC in a couple months, and she becomes another general FOX News Live substitute anchor/host, and gets her own weekend program, to air Sundays at 6 pm ET.

And this is more of a wish than a prediction, but filling the half-hour void left by Cal Thomas will be a “hot-list” program, counting down the top 5 stories of the week. Greg Kelly will host, and different reports will explain each story as they go down the list.

I know what you’re thinking… With some hours wide open, with a few hours now without a pernmanent anchor, they lose the weekends to the other networks, and they can’t compete. And believe me, that is NOT the case! FNC can still completely skunk the other nets, even on the weekend.

We’ll follow FNC weekend, as new developments arise.


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